Tomb of the Ancients ~ A Poem

I am layered in linens, 
let my secrets unravel
exhumed me alchemist!
that my words may travel

not over my tongue
or skeletal remains 
rather etched in brittle teeth,
you'll find my name

long buried and bound am I 
my mysteries concealed
awaiting the alchemist,
waiting for science to reveal

secrets of the ancients,
the history of mankind
expose the ensconced,
I dare you!
lay bare the truth
of the grand design!

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives
Archivist, Coven of Obscurity

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Poem ~ The Waiting Machine

he's grown crooked, but he's going to wait
his fingers are twisted and out of place
his toes are curled, his knees won't bend
his eyes fogged over, he's near the end

but he's going to wait in a middle place
to change the future and insure his fate

he's going to wait, the crooked way
he's paid the alchemist to save his place
he'll be suspended and in between
frozen deep in the waiting machine

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives
Photo Credit: Pinterest