Winds of Madness ~ Poetry

the winds of madness
are blowing across the land
the demise of free nations
is at hand

pundits gawk
and narrate freedom's fate
as citizens take selfies
and refuse to wake

where are the prophets,
the healers, the peace-makers?

what of compassion,
spirituality, and truth seekers?

what say you, global citizen?

are you content to sit silently
in your tower as the
winds of madness
destroy our sanity?

or will you
stand up, speak out,
and fight for humanity?

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

Paint Me Colors ~ Poem

paint me colors
of blue and green
paint outside the life of me
paint my lips a rosy hue
a kissable ruby red will do
paint my heart to the rainbow's end
then blend and blend
and blend again
create a kaleidoscope of my hair
spun of gold and silverware
chartreuse feathers on my brow
with eyes of ocean's sapphire blue
paint me colors so i can see
all the beauty that is you

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

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Poem ~ The Waiting Machine

he's grown crooked, but he's going to wait
his fingers are twisted and out of place
his toes are curled, his knees won't bend
his eyes fogged over, he's near the end

but he's going to wait in a middle place
to change the future and insure his fate

he's going to wait, the crooked way
he's paid the alchemist to save his place
he'll be suspended and in between
frozen deep in the waiting machine

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives
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Poetry ~ Folly

i am scattered everywhere 
so many thoughts
so little time
to discover folly
to play, laugh,
find joy
to be foolish and fool hearty
i want to frolic in the flower fields
run my fingers through your hair
i am your folly
your freedom
your spirit
your canvas
your muse

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

Poem: Music

music is my opus
it's the shield that i wear
a soulful of notes
music is my air

i see the world
in rhythm and refrains
with the sharps and the flats
i waltz in the rain

sing me your heart out
play a requiem mass
read the libretto
serenade me in brass

kiss me to a crescendo!
sing the chorus at last

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

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Poem ~ Moonfall

where were you the night
the moon fell from the sky?
were you sleeping or dreaming
as the moon flew by?

i watched in dismay as
it tumbled like a leaf
landing in the meadow 
where the wildflowers sleep
i haled the little dipper

and much to my surprise
the dipper lifted the moon

back into the night sky!

the grateful moon,  
forever in the dipper's debt,
kissed the little dipper's stars
as the wildflowers slept

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

Photo Credit: Pinterest