Winds of Madness ~ Poetry

the winds of madness
are blowing across the land
the demise of free nations
is at hand

pundits gawk
and narrate freedom's fate
as citizens take selfies
and refuse to wake

where are the prophets,
the healers, the peace-makers?

what of compassion,
spirituality, and truth seekers?

what say you, global citizen?

are you content to sit silently
in your tower as the
winds of madness
destroy our sanity?

or will you
stand up, speak out,
and fight for humanity?

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

Poem ~ The Waiting Machine

he's grown crooked, but he's going to wait
his fingers are twisted and out of place
his toes are curled, his knees won't bend
his eyes fogged over, he's near the end

but he's going to wait in a middle place
to change the future and insure his fate

he's going to wait, the crooked way
he's paid the alchemist to save his place
he'll be suspended and in between
frozen deep in the waiting machine

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Poetry ~ Folly

i am scattered everywhere 
so many thoughts
so little time
to discover folly
to play, laugh,
find joy
to be foolish and fool hearty
i want to frolic in the flower fields
run my fingers through your hair
i am your folly
your freedom
your spirit
your canvas
your muse

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

Poem ~ Moonfall

where were you the night
the moon fell from the sky?
were you sleeping or dreaming
as the moon flew by?

i watched in dismay as
it tumbled like a leaf
landing in the meadow 
where the wildflowers sleep
i haled the little dipper

and much to my surprise
the dipper lifted the moon

back into the night sky!

the grateful moon,  
forever in the dipper's debt,
kissed the little dipper's stars
as the wildflowers slept

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This Life ~ Poem

i try to take deep breaths
and allow the world to be
but i swear this life
will be the death of me

 the gurus say wake up
and simply let go
but i'm reminded
"as above so below"

storm clouds are brewing

i'm beginning to believe

we've been mislead
by social media, the news
and all the talking heads
the conflicting opinions and
fake stories they spread

i must reclaim my life
and cancel my subscriptions
to cable tv, facebook, twitter
and simply listen

to the healing sounds
of mother earth, 
the rivers and the trees

when i die,
let mother nature be
the death of me

Poem and photo by Elizabeth Anne Ives

Vincent ~ Poem

oh, how i suffer for my sanity
i shall paint the swirling clouds at midnight
as colors change hues in my fantasy

i fear i've lost touch with reality
trees and daffodils are my last delight
oh, how i suffer for my sanity

my art reflects an inner duality
i taunt, tease and abuse my muse in spite
as colors change hues in my fantasy

my nightmares are fraught with calamity
flaming flowers that brightly blaze the light
oh, how i suffer for my sanity

sands of time measure my morality
i no longer desire to be polite
as colors change hues in my fantasy

i swallowed the pill of profanity
i no longer have the lust for this fight
oh, how i suffer for my sanity
as colors change hues in my fantasy

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

Day 5
The NaPoWriMo prompt for day five is to write a poem
that incorporates at least one of the following:
the villanelle form, lines taken from an outside text,
and phrases that oppose each other in some way.

I've attempted all three. The villanelle form
consists of 19 lines, a rhyming scheme and repeating
phrases - it's like putting a puzzle together. I hope my  
puzzle makes sense.
I also included lines from one of my favorite songs,
Starry Starry Night, about the life and death of artist,
Vincent van Gogh.
And, finally, phrases that oppose one another as in 
suffering for our sanity while living in a fantasy. 
I hope you enjoyed the poem.
And for a final treat ... enjoy a Starry Starry Night.