Winds of Madness ~ Poetry

the winds of madness
are blowing across the land
the demise of free nations
is at hand

pundits gawk
and narrate freedom's fate
as citizens take selfies
and refuse to wake

where are the prophets,
the healers, the peace-makers?

what of compassion,
spirituality, and truth seekers?

what say you, global citizen?

are you content to sit silently
in your tower as the
winds of madness
destroy our sanity?

or will you
stand up, speak out,
and fight for humanity?

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

Hypnotized with Hatred ~ Poem

we're so hypnotized with hatred
we can't see the love
neighbors retaliating

by spilling each other's blood

hypnotized with hatred

is no urban legend
it's the reality of our life

and it begs the question

if we're hypnotized by hatred

who's in violation
of dividing the people

of an entire nation

while we're all high on hatred,

make no mistake
the killing will continue

if we refuse to wake

so how do we break this

spell of damnation
if we're all high on hatred

we need a revelation

what's it gonna take

- a new book, a savior, or a flood
to wake from this hypnosis

and stop spilling our own blood

or maybe this is the state

of our human situation
where the hypnosis of hate

wipes out the entire population

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

Credit to rapper Boosie Spoke for the phrase: Hypnotized with Hatred.
Day 9
H is for Hypnotized
Photo Credit: Pinterest