Poetry ~ Folly

i am scattered everywhere 
so many thoughts
so little time
to discover folly
to play, laugh,
find joy
to be foolish and fool hearty
i want to frolic in the flower fields
run my fingers through your hair
i am your folly
your freedom
your spirit
your canvas
your muse

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

Wordsmithery ~ Poem

I am the ancient muse
with countless words left to say
yet I find myself lacking,
lost in the words of modern day

a century prior,
so fluid my tongue
I sum it up thusly,
my words have devolved into a
fusty glut of outdated idioms

old English
middle English
songs of the renaissance
no longer resonate

hence, a pilgrimage with
my dear medium through
the urban dictionary
and the new darling,

a collaboration in
old and new
muse and medium
into the inter-web
of words

stay tuned ...

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives
Archivist, Coven of Obscurity

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Coven of Obscurity ~ Reveal

Allow me to introduce my muse.
She is a dark witch.
This is our blog.
I am her medium.
She is the Archivist for the
Coven of Obscurity.
She is from another time and place.
We share the pen name, Elizabeth Anne Ives.

 For the A to Z Challenge

my muse will be sharing stories
from the coven's archives,
and her personal diaries.

The stories are woven

into verse designed
 for the curious,
 impatient, and astute reader.

Beware: some stories are true,
some are comedic whimsy.
Try not to take any of it too seriously.
All stories shall be under
two-hundred words so you 
may return to your
modern-day rabbit hole
(social media).

Forever yours in search of Alice,
(there's been a sighting)

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives
Archivist, Coven of Obscurity
Click below for details on the

A to Z challenge

Photo Credit: Pinterest