Poem ~ The Waiting Machine

he's grown crooked, but he's going to wait
his fingers are twisted and out of place
his toes are curled, his knees won't bend
his eyes fogged over, he's near the end

but he's going to wait in a middle place
to change the future and insure his fate

he's going to wait, the crooked way
he's paid the alchemist to save his place
he'll be suspended and in between
frozen deep in the waiting machine

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Mother Nature ~ A Poem

Oh, how nature bleeds through
merges, really
if we'll allow her to

weaves her vines through our
untethered minds

harboring our hearts
to insure we don't fall apart

let her in, I say
let her have her way

let her embrace your soul
you were never really in control

once you accept that,
you can throw your head back
 laugh and relax 

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

Day 21
Photo Credit: Pinterest