Poem ~ Moonfall

where were you the night
the moon fell from the sky?
were you sleeping or dreaming
as the moon flew by?

i watched in dismay as
it tumbled like a leaf
landing in the meadow 
where the wildflowers sleep
i haled the little dipper

and much to my surprise
the dipper lifted the moon

back into the night sky!

the grateful moon,  
forever in the dipper's debt,
kissed the little dipper's stars
as the wildflowers slept

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The Story Told a Thousand Times~Poem

listen brother, to a story oft told
of our ancestors new and old

for millennia humans make the claim:

you and me, we're not the same
we are different in every way

looks and language are just the start
our beliefs and customs are worlds apart

but you and yours have crossed the line
and threaten the livelihood of me and mine

now take your people and leave our land
or me and mine will take command

wait brother! what is this i hear
a mother-ship has landed near

aliens are invading earth
threatening the planet of our birth

come brother,
let me and mine and you and yours
join together and create a force

listen brother,
you and me, we are the same
we are earthlings in every way

we share this planet, we call it home
we are mortals of blood and bone

we share the ancestors of the common man
we must fight the aliens before they take our land

once again, the aliens have left this place
and declared humans an inferior race

not yet evolved enough to see
that i am you and you are me

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

Day 2

From the NaPoWriMo website:
Today’s prompt is based in a poem by Larry Levis called “The Two Trees.” It is a poem that seems to meander, full of little digressions, odd bits of information, but fundamentally, it is a poem that takes time. It takes its time getting where it’s going, and the action of the poem itself takes place over months. Today, I’d like to challenge you to similarly write something that involves a story or action that unfolds over an appreciable length of time.

Photo Credit: Pinterest