Paint Me Colors ~ Poem

paint me colors
of blue and green
paint outside the life of me
paint my lips a rosy hue
a kissable ruby red will do
paint my heart to the rainbow's end
then blend and blend
and blend again
create a kaleidoscope of my hair
spun of gold and silverware
chartreuse feathers on my brow
with eyes of ocean's sapphire blue
paint me colors so i can see
all the beauty that is you

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

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Poem: Music

music is my opus
it's the shield that i wear
a soulful of notes
music is my air

i see the world
in rhythm and refrains
with the sharps and the flats
i waltz in the rain

sing me your heart out
play a requiem mass
read the libretto
serenade me in brass

kiss me to a crescendo!
sing the chorus at last

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

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Poem ~ Moonfall

where were you the night
the moon fell from the sky?
were you sleeping or dreaming
as the moon flew by?

i watched in dismay as
it tumbled like a leaf
landing in the meadow 
where the wildflowers sleep
i haled the little dipper

and much to my surprise
the dipper lifted the moon

back into the night sky!

the grateful moon,  
forever in the dipper's debt,
kissed the little dipper's stars
as the wildflowers slept

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

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Zip it ~ NaPoWriMo and the A to Z Blogging Challenge

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m tuckered out after a full month of blogging from A to Z and participating in National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo). Even my muse is rolling her eyes at me! Don’t get me wrong y’all have been an inspiring group. I’m in awe of the talent here in the blogosphere, but I’ll confess I’ve struggled to keep up with all your posts. I’m suffering blogger fatigue. I look forward to returning to my Monday & Friday blog schedule in May.
But for now…drum roll…here is my final effort for the month: the letter Z, a poem about the dark side of the Zodiac.


from its
in babylonian

times, the zodiac has
ruled the heavens and moved
the earth, creating order from chaos
while filling the great void with meaning
and purpose, but there is a dark side to
the Zodiac. to be clear, we all have
wicked ways, dark thoughts,
evil tendencies. each sign

manifests darkness
uniquely. tell
me, what

do you desire,
but dare not partake

of?  what secrets do you keep
from those you love?  where
do you hide the forbidden?
what thoughts do you

censor? with true
reflection the
 the cracks
in your zodiac 

~  Elizabeth Anne Ives
Archivist, Coven of Obscurity
Day 30
Z is for Zodiac
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My Penance ~ Poem

My Penance
is the
for losing

one's mind?
is there a price

to pay for a broken
heart in kind? i say,
such suffering should be
calculated and added to

the sums. when my time
is up, this cursed

suffering must
be done!
i'm not ashamed

to admit. it scratches
at me, tearing my every
thought to bits. it's futile to
stop it, distract it or find

peace. my penance is
your glory as i

suffer at


~ Elizabeth Anne Ives
Archivist, Coven of Obscurity

Day 28
Note: This poem continues the story of the
Witches from The Coven of Obscurity,
introduced in my A to Z blogging challenge.
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Xaroncharoo ~ Poem

(adj) brilliant, evil, and insane

Merriam webster
it is the highest honor
awarded for spells in the
Coven of Obscurity

most brilliant,
most evil, insane spell
cast by a witch

Sister Six received
 three such awards
for the following spells:

love by misadventure -
the appearance of an 
accidental union

confounding of the tongue -
a spell leaving your victim

highfalutin tomfoolery -
a spell that manifests
overbearing buffoonery
on demand!
best invoked during dull
coven meetings

Xaroncharoo spell scrolls 
available by request in
memorial of

Sister Six

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives
Archivist, Coven of Obscurity
Day 27
X is for
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