Legend of the Glass ~ Poem

my glass is half empty

i don't want to get up
i'm tired of rising
to fill it up

one last trip
to the river tonight
i'll leave the glass
half empty

legend says
by tomorrow
it will be half full

the difference
a day makes!

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

Wayne Dyer

This Life ~ Poem

i try to take deep breaths
and allow the world to be
but i swear this life
will be the death of me

 the gurus say wake up
and simply let go
but i'm reminded
"as above so below"

storm clouds are brewing

i'm beginning to believe

we've been mislead
by social media, the news
and all the talking heads
the conflicting opinions and
fake stories they spread

i must reclaim my life
and cancel my subscriptions
to cable tv, facebook, twitter
and simply listen

to the healing sounds
of mother earth, 
the rivers and the trees

when i die,
let mother nature be
the death of me

Poem and photo by Elizabeth Anne Ives

Season of Despair ~ Poem

oh, how we suffer in this
season of despair, drama filled

creatures ranting with passion
and flair.  the antidote is not seen,
nor is it heard. it is not known through
pictures or words.  it is a potent force not
easily understood.  it does not boast, thus its
power is obscured. it is the answer in our season
of despair afflicting the masses who suffer unaware
surrendering to silence is the answer they seek
be still and quiet as you suspend critique
seek safe harbor to endure the storms
of your mind. set anchor in
serenity and breathe
in silence

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives
Excerpt from Personal Diary

Day 22
S is for Season
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Mother Nature ~ A Poem

Oh, how nature bleeds through
merges, really
if we'll allow her to

weaves her vines through our
untethered minds

harboring our hearts
to insure we don't fall apart

let her in, I say
let her have her way

let her embrace your soul
you were never really in control

once you accept that,
you can throw your head back
 laugh and relax 

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

Day 21
Photo Credit: Pinterest