I write under the pen name, Elizabeth Anne Ives. I am a poet who weaves stories through verse. The stories range from poetic satire and humor to the dark side of human nature. I am an alchemist, philosopher, mystic, and artist. I must confess that some of my poetry is channeled from another time, another place. You’ll hear another voice – my muse. My muse is a poet, and the Archivist for the Coven of Obscurity.

Her works always closes with her signature and title, Archivist, Coven of Obscurity. I hold no such title, but in truth we often collaborate, so no one sign-off tells all.

If I haven’t scared you off, I hope you’ll follow my posts. I promise not to keep you long. My posts are brief – short vignettes of less than 200 words or the occasional artwork. Please join me on my journey as I reflect in the darkness, turn on the lights and laugh at this precious life we all take too seriously.

Yours among the stars, Elizabeth Anne Ives

The Awen symbol is sacred to the Druids and means “inspiration”.
In Celtic tradition, Awen is the inspiration of the poet bards and the muse of creative artists