oh, how we suffer in this
season of despair, drama filled

creatures ranting with passion
and flair.  the antidote is not seen,
nor is it heard. it is not known through
pictures or words.  it is a potent force not
easily understood.  it does not boast, thus its
power is obscured. it is the answer in our season
of despair afflicting the masses who suffer unaware
surrendering to silence is the answer they seek
be still and quiet as you suspend critique
seek safe harbor to endure the storms
of your mind. set anchor in
serenity and breathe
in silence

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives
Excerpt from Personal Diary

Day 22
S is for Season
Photo Credit: Pinterest

6 thoughts on “Season of Despair ~ Poem

  1. I’m always astounded at the skill of poets who, not only manage cadance and beat, but can manage to use the right number of letters to create shape as well.

    Visiting from A-Z
    AJ Blythe


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