Coven of Obscurity ~ Reveal

Allow me to introduce my muse.
She is a dark witch.
This is our blog.
I am her medium.
She is the Archivist for the
Coven of Obscurity.
She is from another time and place.
We share the pen name, Elizabeth Anne Ives.

 For the A to Z Challenge

my muse will be sharing stories
from the coven's archives,
and her personal diaries.

The stories are woven

into verse designed
 for the curious,
 impatient, and astute reader.

Beware: some stories are true,
some are comedic whimsy.
Try not to take any of it too seriously.
All stories shall be under
two-hundred words so you 
may return to your
modern-day rabbit hole
(social media).

Forever yours in search of Alice,
(there's been a sighting)

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives
Archivist, Coven of Obscurity
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A to Z challenge

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Her Murdered Darlings ~ A Poem

I am her darling,
the poem that's died
a thousand deaths
sliced in a whim
as I gasp my last breath
the poet is a murderess
a ruthless seductress
killing me, 

her darling, word by word
 hacking off complete sentences
with her modern weapons
the dreaded reverse key
and on her worst nights,
she commands: delete all!
it's a massacre!
the blood of my words
wiped away
so she can live to kill
another day

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

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A Poem in all but Name

"Pull back," the moon directed
"you're too close for true perspective."

"But it's a poem in all but name," I declared!
"Look at its edges, you can make out a form
within the measures and meters it conforms!

Shameful attempts at rhyme,

but that can be forgiven
before the days of free verse
rhyme wasn't considered a crime.

Oh look! It meanders from prose
to heroic verse, but
at times it feels rehearsed.

It has circular patterns,
a cacophony of sounds
iambic lines, that go
round and round!
This line is pithy and witty,
worthy of an epigram
it has the prosody of a
compelling poetry slam!

It's a work in progress
a poem in all but name
in need of further critique,
but a poem all the same."

The man in the moon

had something to say,

"A poem in all but

name will never
see the light of day."

~ Elizabeth Anne Ives

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